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Dr Brajbala Tiwari

Specializes in:Consultant Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist
Experience:20 Years
Education:MS, FICOG
Awards:Best Paper Award in National Conference AICOG 2013
Memberships:Fellow Indian College of Obstetrician and gynaecologist
Registration No:10668

Serving & practising in medical field since last 25 years .She is expert in managing High risk pregnancy ,Infertility and Endoscopy / Laparoscopy surgery..she has taken training from Melbourne Infertility Centre, she had participated in many International & National conferences presented her research papers received AWARD OF BEST PAPER in 2013 AICOG National conference. The costly treatment of infertility will be economical and accessible to all, in this direction, Dr.Tiwari always strives.

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Contact: 9424825000

Address: Plot No. 2 Life Care Hospital, Vijy Nagar, Life Care Hospital Scheme No. 78 Part-II, Brilliant Convention Center

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